Pemberitaan Konflik GKI Yasmin Bogor Pada Harian Jurnal Bogor dan Radar Bogor

Galih Setiono, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Pandan Yudhapramesti


The study was aimed to determine the news framing about the GKI Yasmin Bogor conflict in Daily Newspaper Jurnal Bogor and Radar Bogor edition 10 to 13 October 2011. The study was used qualitative framing analysis by Robert N. Entman as study technique. It was used to determine how mass media construct reality by defining the problem, determine the problem cause, make moral decisions, and emphasizes problem solving in the case. The conclusions of study is the first, Jurnal Bogor and Radar Bogor defining the GKI Yasmin conflict problem with Satpol PP and GKI church on October 9, 2011 as law and religion matter. Second, the Jurnal Bogor and Radar Bogor estimated source of the problem in the case is mayor of Bogor, Diani Budiarto. Third, Jurnal Bogor determines that licensing poor can have major impact; one result is clash between Satpol PP and lead the congregation in action. While Radar Bogor determines that such clashes are GKI church effort in championing human rights to worship. Fourth, Jurnal Bogor and Radar Bogor emphasize problem solving in the follow up of cases reported between Satpol PP together with the GKI church to the police. Suggestions from the study is Jurnal Bogor and Radar Bogor in conflict reporting events expected to more proportional and balanced to all parties. This is consistent with peace journalism concept to show frame wider, more balanced and more accurate.

Keywords       : news framing

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