Perilaku Pencarian Informasi dalam Bentuk Ebook di Kalangan Mahasiswa

Putri Achlina Titi Vanni, Neneng Komariah, Herika Rainathami


This study aims to determine the behavior of the Information Search Among College Students In Ebook Form. The method used in this thesis is a quantitative descriptive method. Study of the theory used in this study is the theory of stages of information seeking behavior expressed Carol Kuhlthau. The population in this study were students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB S1 class of 2009. Sampling is taken by 80 respondents. Sampling was taken using accidental sampling. Data collection techniques used are questionnaires, literature, and observation. The conclusion of this research is at an early stage of preparation of students prior information search is to understand the information they need, they still feel the indecision of the problem to be sought and to reflect on their initial strategy of information that fits your needs. Students choose the information useful and appropriate to the needs and goals of the information sought is for the lecture task. They recognize some of the possibilities to facilitate the focus of exploration activities and the information they are having technical problems, such as the absence of a network as an inhibiting factor in exploration activities. Students use e-mail in formulating strategies and information retrieval query to determine the subject is used, the sense of optimism will get information arise at this stage. Students gather information relevant to the needs and the information stored on other media such as flash, laptops, and more. They feel satisfied with the information that has been obtained and presented in class by using a specific media to present information that has been obtained.

Keywords       : Information search behavior, Ebook

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