Implementation of Health Information Management Effectively Electronic and Integrated to Maximize Health Services and Patient Treatment

Nuzlil Laily Azizah


Nowdays, many people move often and they do not only get health services from one health care agency. On the other hand, at different health agencies, a patient may gets a type of health service that is less suited to what they have been getting. This happens because healthcare workers sometimes do not know how the history of a patient's disease, drugs they have ever consumed, or health services ever obtained. Therefore, the implementation of Health Information Management of patients who are managed electronically and can be integrated, is important. The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of the implementation of Health Information Management. This study uses a literature review method that examines some previous research and related literature on data management and patient health information. The results of this study explain that in the implementation of Health Information Management, several things that need to be met are: 1. The presence of staff as the patient's electronic patient health information management, 2. Health information management system, 3. Data management standards of patients, 4. Availability of access and services , 5. Policies and systems to maintain patient data security. Other findings explain that in the implementation of electronic and integrated Health Information Management, several staffs are required to work together, such as administrative staff and record-keeping, information management staff, IT staff, doctors and pharmacists.

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