Comparison of surface roughness of nanofill and nanohybrid composite resin polished by aluminum oxide and diamond particle paste

Yolanda Y., Dudi Aripin, Opik Taofik Hidayat


Introduction: The adequate finishing and polishing procedures might occur the restoration longivity, the color retention, and the good integrating with the surrounding environment. Methods: This study was conducted to determine the surface roughness of the nanofill composite with the nanohybrid composite polished by the aluminum oxide pastes and diamond polishing paste. This study was a pure experimental-in vitro study. The results of polishing on the resin composite surfaces was observed using the optical microscope at 500x magnification and given the score. The Krusskal-Wallis test was conducted to depict the data analysis. Result: The results showed that the resin composite group of the nanohybrid polished by both aluminum oxide and diamond particle had smoother surface than the resin composite of the nanofill. Conclusion: The conclusions of this study depicted that there were differences of polishing results using the aluminium oxide and diamond particle paste between the nanofill and nanohybrid resin composite surface roughness.


Polishing, nanofill, nanohybrid, Aluminium oxide, diamond

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