Welcome to the online version of the scientific journal of Zuriat. Zuriat is a vocabulary derived from Arabic, meaning "descent," "posterity," or "seed." Zuriat is a scientific journal for the science of breeding in Indonesia. Scientific Journal of Zuriat has received recognition from the Directorate General of Higher Education since 2002, in the form of accreditation contained in the Accreditation of Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No. SK. 52 / DIKTI / Kep / 2002. Scientific journals of Zuriat is also the only scientific journal for the science of breeding in Indonesia.

Zuriat is an Open Access journal, containing either Indonesian or English writing, peer review journal, contains original high-quality research results. Please see Goal & Scope's journal for information on its peer-reviewed focus and policies.

Open Access (OA) means the authors can publish research result to be freely accessible to anyone online as soon as it is announced, which means anyone can read (and cite) your writing. Please see some explanations about Open Access on some internet sites.

The Zuriat Journal accepts the following types of articles: regular papers; review paper and the short report. For those who will enter the manuscript please select the About Us menu and select the Online Submission menu or click Online Submission.

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